Rapid Precision Machining for Various Industries

Triple J Machining Services offers its rapid precision machining services and experienced team, while applying its advanced machining tool technology and software, to a wide variety of industries including:


Ability to manufacture highly complex machined components for aerospace customers requiring stringent quality assurance and advanced machining & equipment. 


Our machining capabilities can support in the renewable and traditional energy sectors, simplifying your supply chain.  We also continue to be a leading supplier of coiled tubing and capillary string hangers, tools and accessories, gate valves, wellhead equipment, and more.


We can support with rapid tooling, custom tooling, brackets, custom fixtures, enclosures or prototyping to increase design cycle speeds.


Utilize our bandwidth and expertise to produce high-quality components and parts to fit the strenuous quality standards common in the fast-growing telecommunications industry.

Food Processing

Our equipment can work with a wide variety of materials needed to precision manufacture parts for the food processing industry, including materials with inherent properties against corrosion.


Need precision-manufactured medical parts? We have the capability to manufacture at your specifications and quality standards while utilizing our advanced machining tools to address a wide range of product complexity.


Pharmaceutical equipment is a necessity in today’s growing medical industry.  We have the ability to manufacture parts required for cardiovascular and orthopedic devices, surgical instrumentation or other products requiring materials such as stainless steel and titanium. 

Defense & Military

We are flexible in specifications required by our customers and can meet the most demanding standards that defense and military parts might require.  

Manufacturing & OEM Support

Don’t see your industry listed above? No problem! Our advanced machining tools can precision manufacture products to your specifications, and across other industries and applications. Contact us today to discuss your needs. 

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Quality is Our 

Driving Force

Quality plays a critical role and will always be a driving force in our safety and success.

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